Top Tools for Building Your Email Newsletter's Tech
Strong technology can make scaling your email newsletter that much easier.

Top Tools for Building Your Email Newsletter's Tech

Matt Trombley

It's no surprise that daily email newsletters have been growing in popularity recently. And for good reason - they're fairly easy to start, share well, and give you a great platform to speak on whatever topics you love.

One area where you can differentiate yourselves from the pack is with technology. Having the right tools to improve your deliverability, provide a better end user experience, and analyze growth make scaling your newsletter that much easier.

Here's some of my favorite tools that I've utilized building a newsletter brand over the past year:

  • MJML - a beautiful framework for designing responsive emails that look great across ALL clients, but are lightweight enough to avoid Gmail clipping the end off
  • DMARC Digests - strong email authentication is important to prevent others from spoofing your brand and can improve your deliverability. DMARC Digests helps monitor that for a very reasonable price, especially compared to other similar services
  • MxToolbox - great way to check your domain against blacklists, make sure authentication records are configured correctly, etc. and it's FREE!
  • Litmus Gmail Tabs - since the introduction of the dreaded "Promotions" tab, it's always a bit of a tossup where your email will land within Gmail. Litmus provides a free tool to test that out before sending to your whole subscriber base
  • SendForensics - allows you to monitor areas for improvement within your campaigns, from coding to copywriting to links. The free version is a great primer
  • Google Postmaster Tools - a classic, but often recommended for good reason. Gmail makes up a huge majority of the email space, so it's crucial to see how you're performing on the platform
  • Google Domains - cheap, no-frills website domain names. Makes it super easy to setup newsletter's domain, as well as manage DNS for things like updating authentication or setting up an email service provider
  • Google Search Console - absolutely crucial for any website. Extremely important for us to monitor performance of our landing page, who's linking to us, etc.

There are many more email tools out there, but these have been the most beneficial and in most cases are free! Have you had success with other tools building your newsletter? I'd love to hear about them. Reach out on Twitter @trombleytweets and send me your favorites.