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Good morning. The Sprint needs 40 more readers to pass Winthrop, Washington (population: 415) in terms of size. Internally, there’s a bet whether it happens this week or next. I’ve got this week.
In today's Sprint:
🏀  The next big thing
🏈  Deshaun gives back
🚣  Rowing the Atlantic
Trivia: Mike Krzyzewski is the winningest men’s college basketball coach of all-time with 1,157 wins. Who is second?
  1. Jim Boeheim
  2. Bob Knight
  3. Dean Smith
  4. John Wooden

Call Your Shot
NBA Top Shot is the next big thing you may have never heard of. One of our writers, Nathan, is semi-obsessed with it and wants to let you know how it’s changing the game.
Background: As a trend, sports fans don’t want to just spectate. We want to be part of the action. Look at the rise of sports betting and collectibles. NBA Top Shot is the next iteration…
What is it? NBA Top Shot lets users buy and sell highlights (‘Moments’) on a secondary digital marketplace. It’s like a stock market for digital trading cards and it’s absolutely crushing it. The details:
  • 33,000 new visitors over the last week
  • $53.9M in sales over the last week
  • $208K - the amount this LeBron moment sold for
Oh, NBA Top Shot is still in Beta and only growing by word-of-mouth.
How it works: Before your crypto-loving cousin confuses you, let’s break this down.
Put simply, Top Shot lets sports fans and players own the actual highlight through what’s called a ‘Non-Fungible Token’ or NFT (we know, technologists really shouldn’t name their creations). This thing runs on Flow blockchain.
Yes, but what does that mean?
NFTs represent unique and limited digital assets. In this case, that asset could be a James Harden step-back or a Damian Lillard game-winner.
What determines a Moment's value? It’s quite simple. Value comes down to:
  1. The player - future Hall of Famers and young guys with huge potential are worth the most
  2. Scarcity - Moments with fewer editions are generally worth more
  3. The serial number - closer to #1, the better
  4. The series number - closer to #1, the better
Of course, the other aspect is the adoption rate of NBA Top Shot itself. As more money flows in, more outsiders start to take notice and the perceived value rises. This reflexivity creates a nice little phenomenon called a positive feedback loop that then helps drive a rise in the general market over time.
Zoom out: The same concept can apply to other sports. Imagine owning the rights to a Patrick Mahomes touchdown, a Naomi Osaka winner, or a Kylian Mbappe hat-trick.
Sometime in the near future, you’ll be able to. You may just have to trade in a few Bitcoin for it.

Blue Devils Are Back
Other than Kentucky, the Blue Bloods have figured it out. UNC and Kansas are likely in the NCAA Tournament, and Duke has officially moved to Joe Lunardi’s ‘First 4 Out’ designation.
(11-8) Duke 85 vs. (13-7) Syracuse 71
  • Coach K has the Blue Devils peaking at the right time, winning their last four games. In a down ACC, look for Duke to make a run in the conference tourney.
(15-6) Oklahoma State 74 vs. (14-8) #18 Texas Tech 69
  • Projected number one pick Cade Cunningham (20 pts, 5 reb) outplayed Mac McClung (17 pts, 2 reb) by just enough for OK State to pull out the win.
Tough bet: (20-1) Winthrop Eagles 71 vs. (8-13) High Point Panthers 63
  • Why are we including this game? Because Sprint team member Ryan is a proud Panther, the betting line was Winthrop by 9, and High Point scored a ridiculous layup with less than a second left to flip the line.
Italian Serie A
(45 pts) Juventus 3 vs. (12 pts) Crotone 0
  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2 goals reignited Juventus’ title bid. Juve is now down just 8 points to 1st-place Inter Milan and 4 points to 2nd-place AC Milan.
(11-4-1) Tampa Bay Lightning 4 vs. (12-4-1) Carolina Hurricanes 2
  • The Lightning won the third period, scoring two goals to break the tie. Goalie Andrei Vasilevsky took home the three stars with 34 saves.

Champions League - Round of 16 (First leg)
Atlético Madrid vs. Chelsea - 3:00 ET on CBSSN
Bayern Munich vs. Lazio - 3:00 ET on CBS All Access
Boston Celtics (15-15) vs. Dallas Mavericks (13-15) - 7:30 ET on TNT
Portland Trail Blazers (18-11) vs. Denver Nuggets (16-14) - 10:00 ET on TNT
#17 Kansas (17-7) vs. #14 Texas (13-6) - 9:00 ET on ESPN
#5 Illinois (16-5) vs. Michigan State (11-9) - 7:00 ET on FS1
Pittsburgh Penguins (9-6-1) vs. Washington Capitals (9-5-3) - 7:00 ET on NBCSN

🏈  Deshaun Watson's foundation donated meals for over 10,000 people in his hometown of Gainesvile, Georgia.
🏈  In the latest edition of ‘what can the media make a big deal that isn’t,’ Colts WR Michael Pittman Jr. refuses to give up the No. 11 jersey to new teammate Carson Wentz.
🏈  Though the video game world is anxiously anticipating the revival of EA Sports College Football, Notre Dame won’t be included (for now). The Fighting Irish chose to be omitted until players benefit from sales.
⚾️  Seattle Mariners president and CEO Kevin Mather resigned after derogatory comments he made about international players surfaced.
🚣  21-year-old Jasmine Harrison became the youngest woman to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She completed the journey in a blazing 70 days.

A. Jim Boeheim has the second most wins of any men’s college basketball coach with 1,078, including a title he won with a young Carmelo Anthony.