Watch the best clips from Novak Djokovic's interview with David Letterman.
Via Novak Djokovic

The Best Clips From Novak Djokovic's David Letterman Interview

Nathan Baugh, Matt Trombley

After watching Novak Djokovic win his 19th Grand Slam, I dove into old interviews. This one with David Letterman is must watch. Enjoy some hand-selected clips from the interview below:

Growing up in war-torn Serbia

“I value everything I have much more because the past I had.”

Being in physical danger as a kid

“You see the planes flying over your head. Bombs and people running, crying... buildings burning.”

Struggling to play tennis

“There were times I wasn’t able to travel for tournaments because we didn’t have the financial possibility.”

Where his mental strength comes from

“It’s been a big part of my mental strength and ability to cope with big moments.”

Learning from his past

“You can never ask people to forget but they can forgive and move on.”

How his parents met

“He was a skiing instructor, she fell down, he seized his opportunity and said ‘hi, can I teach you how to ski?’... And here I am.”

Novak gets a bad rap, but after watching this interview idk how you can’t cheer for the guy. At the very least, you have to respect what he’s accomplished.

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