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Good morning. Today is National Nurses Day. If you’re a nurse, thank you. And, if not, friendly reminder to thank a nurse friend. Especially this year.
- Blake and Nathan
Trivia: What’s the highest amount of penalty minutes ever in an NHL game?
  1. 117
  2. 222
  3. 385
  4. 419


🏀 Anthony Edwards became the third teenager in NBA history to put up a 40 point, 5 rebound, 5 assist game (highlights). The other two? KD and LeBron.
🏈 Packers fans are feeling déjà vu after Brett Farve weighed in on Aaron Rodgers’ beef with the team. Favre said, “knowing Aaron, he would sit.”
⚾️ White Sox coach Tony LaRussa didn't know the MLB’s extra-inning base runner rule. The gaffe cost the Sox the game, losing 0-1 to the Reds.
⚽️ UEFA may pursue punishment of up to a 2-year Champions League ban against the remaining Super League clubs who haven’t denounced the league. That’s Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, and AC Milan.


Gloves Off
As soon as the puck hit the ice in the NY Rangers versus Washington Capitals game, all players dropped their gloves and went at it. The first period featured:
  • Six fights in the first five minutes
  • 100 penalty minutes
After the first minute, the penalty boxes looked more like a NY subway pre-pandemic.
Quick backstory: The Caps’ Tom Wilson, a magnet for controversy, took things too far during an on-ice brawl on Monday. Wilson tossed a helmetless Artemi Panarin, banging his unprotected head against the ice multiple times. Panarin is out for the rest of the season.
The NHL didn’t do much, fining Wilson a whopping $5K.
The enraged Rangers released a statement calling for the removal of the NHL’s Head of Player Safety, saying:
  • “We view this as a dereliction of duty by NHL Head of Player Safety, George Parros, and believe he is unfit to continue in his current role.”
Less than 24 hours later, the Rangers shockingly fired their President and GM, who had both distanced themselves from the organization’s statement.
The bottom line: The NHL miscalculated badly in its punishment of Wilson. But, in recent years, the league’s done a good job balancing the allure of fighting with not letting brawls outshine the actual hockey. Right now, it’s averaging 0.21 fights per game while in 2009 it was 0.60 fights per game.
Feel-good story: TJ Oshie scored a hattrick in his first game since his father passed away, helping the Caps win 4-2.


Champions League Semi Finals, 2nd Leg
Chelsea 2 vs. Real Madrid 0, Chelsea wins 3-1 on aggregate
  • Edouard Mendy's acrobatic save on Benzema kept Chelsea level early on.
  • In the 84th minute, Christian Pulisic stayed cool and delivered a beautiful ball to Mason Mount to ice the game.
  • It’ll be an all-English UCL Final - Chelsea versus Manchester City on May 29th.
(37-29) Portland Trail Blazers 141 vs. (21-45) Cleveland Cavaliers 105
  • The Cavs' Kevin Love, -45 pts when on the court, had the third-worst plus-minus of any player this season.
(37-30) Atlanta Hawks 135 vs. (47-19) Phoenix Suns 103
  • The Hawks cooled off the red-hot Suns. Winners of three in a row, the Hawks look playoff bound.
(15-16) Baltimore Orioles 6 vs. (17-15) Seattle Mariners 0
  • Baltimore’s John Means pitched the franchise's first no-hitter in 30 years but missed out on a perfect game thanks to one wild pitch.
(12-13) New York Mets 7 vs. (18-13) St. Louis Cardinals 2



Stat: After being traded, Aaron Gordon won his first seven games with the Nuggets. His longest win-streak in six years with the Magic? Six games.

Quote: “Say I was playing a big receiver at whatever school, I would look up his Instagram and slide into his girlfriend’s DM’s before the game.”

- Rams CB Jalen Ramsey on his college days.

Highlight: This little league catcher framing balls he has to dive for as strikes will make your day.


Brooklyn Nets (43-23) vs. Dallas Mavericks (37-28) - 7:30 ET on TNT
  • BKN -4
LA Lakers (37-28) vs. LA Clippers (44-22) - 10:00 ET on TNT
  • LAC -7.5
Cleveland Indians (15-13) vs. Kansas City Royals (16-12) - 2:10 ET
  • ML: KC -130
Carolina Hurricanes (36-10-7) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (22-25-6) - 7:00 ET
  • ML: CAR -270


D. In 2004, the Philadelphia Flyers and Ottawa Senators received a total of 419 penalty minutes, the most in NHL history for a single game.

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