Farewell, Foxboro

Farewell, Foxboro

Nathan Baugh, Blake Wynveen
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🏈  Relentless
🏀  Best shooter ever
🏆  Recruiting returns
Trivia: Who was the first quarterback to sign a second contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?
  1. Jameis Winston
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  3. Trent Dilfer
  4. Tom Brady

Former college quarterback and Super Bowl MVP wide receiver Julian Edelman announced his retirement from the NFL yesterday. His retirement video may give you chills, or nightmares if you’re a Falcons fan.
What a career: Drafted in the seventh round (number 232), Edelman has the second most catches and yards in NFL playoff history.
  • No scholarship offers out of high school
  • No combine invite
  • Switched to receiver in the NFL
  • 11 years with the Pats
  • 3 Super Bowl titles
Off the field: Besides being a great player, Edelman was also a fantastic representative of the Jewish community. He called out anti-Semitism in other athletes while also offering to teach them more about Jewish culture.
Zoom out: So far, Edelman has steered clear of all Tampa Bay rumors. But, come December, I don’t think anyone would be shocked if he teams up with two old friends for a run at another title.

Round Up
Digitize me: Topps, the popular baseball card company, is partnering with Major League Baseball to create NFTs (digital trading cards) for the league. Unlike NBA Top Shots, these cards will be mostly static.
One step at a time: A federal judge approved a partial deal between U.S. Soccer and the U.S. Women’s National Team, calling for equal working conditions like hotels and charter flights for players.
On the big screen: Netflix is making a movie based on the New Orleans Saints Bounty Gate scandal starring Paul Blart Mall Cop’s Kevin James as Sean Payton. The movie will focus on Payton’s time as an assistant coach for his son’s sixth grade team.
The best part? It’s being produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions.
Times are changing: During it’s Spring Game, the University of Central Florida allowed players to put their social media handles on the back of their jerseys in place of their names. Coach Gus Malzahn said, “This is a new age of personal branding. We’re going to embrace it.”

(26-28) Golden State Warriors 116 vs. (34-19) Denver Nuggets 107
  • Steph Curry (53 pts, 6 reb, 4 ast) passed Wilt Chamberlain to become the Warriors’ all-time leading scorer, dropping his fourth 50-piece of the season.
  • Nuggets’ star Jamal Murray limped to the locker room with a non-contact left knee injury.
(37-17) Philadelphia 76ers 113 vs. (29-24) Dallas Mavericks 95
  • With the win, the Sixers are a half game up on Brooklyn in the East. The two teams faceoff on Wednesday.
(5-5) Tampa Bay Rays 1 vs. (3-7) Texas Rangers 0
  • The Rays received their AL Championship rings hours before blanking the Rangers, who have now been shut out in three of their past four games.
((4-6)) Detroit Tigers 6 vs. (6-4) Houston Astros 2
  • In his first game back in Houston after the sign-stealing scandal, manager AJ Hinch’s Tigers followed Akil Baddoo and his 450-foot bomb to beat the Astros.
(15-32-6) Detroit Red Wings 3 vs. (27-10-4) Carolina Hurricanes 1
  • Carolina seems capable of beating anyone in a seven game series other than meddling Detroit, who have won four of seven against the Hurricanes this year.
(14-25-4) Ottawa Senators 4 vs. (25-14-3) Winnipeg Jets 2
  • Ottawa’s Connor Brown extended his franchise-record goal-scoring streak to eight games to help the Senators battle from two goals down.
Premier League
(24 pts) West Brom 3 vs. (36 pts) Southampton 0
  • The convincing win gave West Brom its first two game win streak of the season and put them eight points behind the last non-relegated spot with seven matches to play.

🥎  North Texas’ Hope Trautwein struck out all 21 batters she faced, throwing the first ever perfect game in NCAA Division 1 softball history where every out was a strikeout.
🏒  The NHL trade deadline wrapped up yesterday, with former MVP Taylor Hall escaping Buffalo in favor of the Boston Bruins. See the other biggest winners and losers here.
🏃  Many sporting events, including NBA and MLB games, were postponed following a police shooting in Minneapolis.
🏆  The NCAA is lifting the recruiting dead period starting June 1st, meaning athletes can talk to coaches and take official visits to potential campuses.

Stat: Steph Curry has 18 games with 10+ made threes. The next closest player? Klay Thompson with 5 such games.
Quote: “By any measure of what constitutes an elite NFL career - wins, championships, production - Julian has it all.” - Bill Belichick
Video: In honor of Edelman’s retirement, we wanted to resurface this hilariously awkward story detailing his first 1 on 1 encounter with coach Belichick.

Champions League Quarter Finals, 2nd Leg
Chelsea (2-0 aggregate) vs. FC Porto - 3:00 ET on Paramount+
PSG (3-2 aggregate) vs. Bayern Munich - 3:00 ET on Paramount+
LA Clippers (37-18) vs. Indiana Pacers (25-27) - 7:30 ET on TNT
Boston Celtics (28-26) vs. Portland Trail Blazers (31-22) - 10:00 ET on TNT
Philadelphia Phillies (6-3) vs. NY Mets (2-3) - 7:10 ET on ESPN
Cincinnati Reds (7-3) vs. San Francisco Giants (6-4) - 9:45 ET on ESPN
Philadelphia Flyers (19-16-6) vs. Washington Capitals (27-11-4) - 7:30 ET on NBCSN
Tampa Bay Lighting (28-11-2) vs. Nashville Predators (23-19-1) - 8:00 ET on ESPN+

D. The Bucs, who have been around since 1976, just signed Tom Brady to a second contract this year. He’s the first Bucs QB to ever get a second deal with the team. Imagine telling that to someone in 2019.

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