Sideline Sprint was started in 2020. A group of friends wanted to combine their passions to put out the best newsletter possible. Sports topics seemed like a natural fit - the rest is history.

Nathan Baugh

Nathan Baugh of Sideline Sprint.

I’m Nathan (say hello on Twitter). I have spent 2 years working in corporate tech as a consultant for huge companies. Seeing an opportunity, I started the Sprint as a side hustle with some buddies. We write about sports in an engaging, concise way perfect for the busy person. If that’s you, check it out.

Matt Trombley

Matt Trombley of Sideline Sprint.

Data scientist by day, web/email developer by night, and overly caffeinated all the time. You'll probably find me tinkering with my at-home desk setup - likely because something broke again. I manage the tech side of Sideline Sprint, and also dabble in some writing. Huge thanks for checking us out, enjoy!

My interests:

  • Clemson Tigers, and the color orange obviously
  • All things tech
  • Third-wave coffee

Blake Wynveen

Blake Wynveen of Sideline Sprint.

Part-time writer, full-time consultant, and all around grateful you're giving us a try. I co-lead and organize the topics and content here at Sideline Sprint. So, if you like what you're reading, great - if not, it was all Nathan!

My Teams:

  • The Cleveland Browns
  • Wake Forest (Go Deacs)
  • All things MLB
  • And the Cleveland Browns

Eric Joiner

Eric Joiner of Sideline Sprint.

I never thought that I could sit down and watch hours of sports each day and claim that “I am working.” Yet here I am! The weirdo with a laptop out at the sports bar, crying about his team just losing, and being forced to write about it in a somewhat unbiased way. If you see a person matching this description, maybe buy them a drink. It’s me and I need one. Thanks for reading!

My fandoms:

  • College football, especially my Clemson Tigers
  • Boston sports teams
  • Formula 1 — Red Bull Racing