These industry disruptors will reshape how we think about sports.
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8 Unreal Sports Startups That Will Crush

Nathan Baugh

There are tons of unreal startups in and around sports right now. Here's 8 startups I think will crush, along with a quick description of why.

1. Premier Lacrosse League (@PremierLacrosse)

This player owned-and-operated lacrosse league is 3 years old with massive year-over-year (YoY) growth in both viewership & revenue. A fast growing sport plus a focus on social distribution has been a recipe for success.

2. Rally (@OnRallyRd)

Buy & sell equity shares in collectibles - everything from sports cards to a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) non-fungible token (NFT). The fractionalization of everything is here to stay.

3. Overtime (@overtime)

Insane distribution across social platforms (55 million + followers) plus the new OT Elite basketball league. No reliance on legacy media for distribution. OT owns all IP — it will SELL media rights, not buy them. Fun fact: OT has more TikTok followers than the NBA, NFL, or MLB.

4. Just Women's Sports (@justwsports)

News focused on women’s sports, with a recent focus on getting into podcasts and newsletters. The market is growing and they’re positioned to be a leader in it. For example: WNBA viewership rose 24% in 2021 compared to 2019.

5. StatusPRO (@StatusPRO)

StatusPRO is going after the extended reality, gaming and training markets. Someone will bring sports to the ‘metaverse,’ whatever that means. This one's started by two former NFL players, who preach “Be your own customer.”

6. 1v1Me (@1v1Me)

Who doesn't want to make money playing your favorite games? Somehow, esports remains an underrated and misunderstood market. If I were to bet on one trend over the next 10 years, it’d be the continued growth of esports.

7. CROSSNET (@crossnetgame)

Imagine foursquare meets volleyball. This is the second largest backyard sport, and it's just plain fun. The team’s executing at a really high level and just rolled out product #2.

8. Whoop (@whoop)

The premier player in digital fitness performance tracking. Amazon thought Whoop was so good they copied the product — a great sign for the long term company outlook. Health monitoring is set to boom.

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